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The specialized company “Tecnoecoprom Ltda.” created several years ago is a part of group of the Russian companies of Holding “Pure world “.

These technologies which are based application of new Russian scientific and technical achievements, allow solving the whole spectrum of the problems connected with improvement of ecological conditions.

All technological processes and relevant equipment is protected by Russian patents and has international certification and conformity to requirements of protection of the ecological environment.

The equipment “Kayman”, created on the basis of technology “Kavitek” has the positive conclusion of branch of the Register of Lloyd in Thailand on the basis of demonstration tests.

The company “Tecnoecoprom Ltda.” offers following services:

1. With use of mobile complexes MKO-1000:
– liquidation oil slag’s of the tank’s and barn’s types;
– having washed tanks of storage of oil and mineral oil on tank farms and terminals, the gasoline stations, internal and external surfaces of railway tanks, tanks of bulk-oil courts;
– removal from details and mechanisms of greasing, oils, fatty adjournment, etc.;
– having washed black oil tanks of boiler housing and communal services, pipelines, tanks of storage of vegetative and other food oils;
– clearing petrol polluted of ground.

2. With use of the equipment “Kayman”:
– clearing of cases of sea courts and port constructions of biological outgrowths on spot-check, or at a mooring, without statement in dock;

3. And also:
– to divide liquid oil slag’s and recycling of their firm fractions;
– development of the engineering specifications;
– designing, manufacturing, installation and service of installations.

The company “Tecnoecoprom Ltda.” is a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS-RAEN) actively participates in development of projects of national value on protection and preservation of an environment, and also on perfection of processes of industrial activity of the person.

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