Basic technological priorities

Time. Gasoline stations or storage tank of light-oil products of 5000 m3 can be washed during 1 day, and storage tank of dark-oil products can be washed during 3-5 working days. The equipment “Kayman” allows deleting in record-breaking short terms biological outgrowths (fur coat) from a underwater part of the case of a vessel, without its statement in dock.

Saving. In comparison with traditional technologies In particular technologies of direct and indirect thermal processing “On-Sate” our complexes MKO-1000 are characterized:
– smaller power consumption (in 4-6 times) and water consumption (in dozens of times) and also low time expenses of work;
– opportunity of repeated use of a washing solution during clearing;
– ability to separate from mineral oil water, a dirt, mechanical impurity and oil slag’s.

After passage through system of clearing of a complex fuel comes back practically lost-free with preservation of its quality and readiness of its further use to destination. At use of the equipment “Kayman”, no mechanical damages are put to a vessel, the paint and varnish covering of the case is kept.

Quality. The degree of clearing of internal surfaces of any tanks provides with complex MKO-1000:

– if necessary, change of mineral oil, and after additional compulsory ventilation demanded carrying out repair, painting’s and fire’s works;

– full removal of target pollution with preservation of quality and an opportunity of subsequent use of mineral oil product.

The equipment “Kayman” allows:

– to make cleaning works of the case of a vessel in remote places (dredging, bosoms, bolt’s and flange’s connections, slot-hole lattices, screws and rudders).

Safety and labors safety. The organization of production provides favorable working conditions for our employee, with a high degree of personal protection, as well for installations from harmful influence of the surrounding aggressive air-gas environment.

It is reached due to automation of all kinds of works (minimizing application of manual skills) and short time of a finding of the expert inside of the tank (no more than 15 minutes), and also due to constant process of decontamination and clearing of pollution by means of ventilation, and chemical properties of a washing solution. All workers use the special equipment providing full protection of a human body. Applications of system of neutralization of an electrostatic pressure are guarantor’s fire- and explosion safety of works.

Ecology. Washing technological process with use of complex MKO-1000 is cyclic. It excludes necessity of recycling waters of black oil and oil slams which demand their accommodation in clearing constructions or on special ranges. During work there is no technological pollution of biosphere in air-gas, a liquid and firm condition. Used for clearing of hydro carbonic connections (oil slams) chemical reagents are completely neutral since in the basis contain, a simple water solution. Thus absence of chemical influence of a washing solution, as on target pollution, on fuel, constructional materials of process able objects, and on a condition of air, ground, flora and fauna is guaranteed. The equipment “Kayman” is highly effective and absolutely ecologically safe as uses only, sea water. The removed biological rests remain in the water environment, do not break ecology of the sea and form a food basis for inhabitants of sea fauna, and also are used for preparation of foodstuff and bioforages.

The specified advantages guarantee high quality of the offered technology.

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